Margaret Boogere

Our fearless leader!

This program was initiated by Margaret Boogere as a club with 20 orphans at Pomede Primary school with a support staff comprising of the staff of Pomede School and Uganda Orphans Rural Development Program in 1998. Margaret Boogere developed love and interest in the plight of the poor and underprivileged people in the community since her childhood. She began by encouraging the poor and underprivileged people not to loose hope but believe in the Almighty God who is the provider. When Margaret was posted to teach at Pomede primary school, she realised that most of the children were either total orphans or had single parents who were also HIV positive. The orphans were shouldering most of the family responsibilities due to lack of parental care.

Looking at the problems of the orphans and of HIV, She saw that it would be possible to sensitise the local community through drama, songs and poems. Such activities help the children to express themselves freely and fluently. Most of them were bright and hard working but couldn’t afford scholastic materials, uniforms, fees and had generally lost hope of a bright future. She decided to start a club that could voluntarily give care and support. When she consulted her school administration, they all willingly embraced the idea and gave liberty to any of the staff who could volunteer to support the club.

Our Goals

Every orphan should have a brighter future.

  • To sensitize the community on the causes of HIV and offer care to the infected and affected members of the community.

  • To instill a sense of responsibility in the orphans and equip them with leadership skills.

  • To make the orphans creative and innovative so as to help them cope with the current situation regarding HIV/AIDS scourge.

  • To provide education services to the orphans and the community to fight illiteracy.

  • To initiate an income generating project aimed at providing employment, reusing income for the orphans and their guardians.

  • Registration of the CBO which gives its official existence and operation.

  • Due to the sensitisation, parents are able to access HIV TREATMENT.

  • Currently we support 150 children.

  • Some of the children have graduated up to university.

  • We have maintained a good working relationship with community.

  • We have secured some well wishers/ Donors that have helped us reach this height.

We believe that every orphan should have a brighter future. We aim to provide financial and educational support to orphans worldwide, starting with the Pomede school and Uganda Orphans Rural Development Program.


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